Biological pollution

Biological pollution occurs due to anthropogenic impact on the world. Mainly various viruses and bacteria get into the biosphere, which worsen the state of ecosystems, affect species of animals and plants.

Sources of biological pollution

  • food enterprises;
  • domestic and industrial wastewater;
  • landfills and landfills;
  • cemeteries;
  • sewer networks.

Various organic compounds, bacteria and microorganisms enter surface and groundwater, penetrate the atmosphere and soil, spread and damage ecosystems. Pathogens of parasitic diseases and infections constitute a threat. These biological bacteria adversely affect the health of people and animals, can lead to irreversible consequences.

Varieties of biological pollution

Biological pollution at various times contributed to the emergence of epidemics of plague and smallpox, fever in humans and various species of animals and birds. At different times, the following viruses have posed a danger:

  • anthrax;
  • plague;
  • smallpox
  • Ebola hemorrhagic fever;
  • cattle plague;
  • rice pyriculariosis;
  • Nepah virus;
  • tularemia;
  • botulinum toxin;
  • Chimera virus.

These viruses are fatal to humans and animals. As a result, the issue of biological pollution should be raised. If it is not stopped, then some virus can massively and quickly kill millions of animals, plants and people so quickly that the threat of chemical or radioactive contamination does not seem so strong.

Biological Pollution Control Methods

It’s easier for people: you can be vaccinated against the worst viruses. Infection of flora and fauna with various microorganisms and bacteria cannot be controlled. As a preventive measure, high sanitary and epidemiological standards should be observed everywhere. Of particular danger are the inventions of genetic engineering and biotechnology. From laboratories, microorganisms can enter the environment and spread rapidly. Some inventions lead to gene mutations, affect not only the state of the organism of specific individuals, but also contribute to the deterioration of reproductive function, as a result of which species of flora and fauna will not be able to resume their numbers. The same applies to the human race. Thus, biological pollution can quickly and on a large scale destroy all life on the planet, including humans.

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