Woodlice: insect or cancer?

Those who live in city apartments are probably familiar with wood lice. These guests, as if from nowhere, appear in our bathrooms and crawl where it is damp.

Who are they, these wood lice: insects? If not, what type of animals are they. This is what we will find out now. And also help to remove these small insects from your home.

Woodlouse is not an insect at all

You heard right - everything is absolutely true. Not insects climb on your bathroom, but real representatives of crustaceans.

Woodlice (Oniscidea).

Wood lice belong to the group of isopods, a class of higher crayfish. That is, this little creature is a relative of the giant crabs and crayfish that live on the seabed.

Woodlice - small terrestrial crustaceans.

First, about the external signs of wood lice. The body of a wood lice has a convex shape. The eyes are located on the sides of the body. Like all crustaceans, the body of a woodlice consists of small segments. In some species of woodlice, drawings on the dorsal part of the body are noticeable.

Lice lifestyle and behavior

Woodlice are the most terrestrial of all crustaceans. They constantly live outside the aquatic environment. However, they still need moisture, which is why they are fond of exactly those rooms in the apartment where damp accumulates. If you live in a private house. Then wood lice can be seen by turning over a stone or brick lying in the yard after rain. There will be a great many of these crustaceans. They try to stay in wet and dark places - this is their favorite habitat.

In case of danger, wood lice become a ball.

They go out to eat when it gets dark on the street. Parts of plants are absorbed as food: sometimes rotting, sometimes in their usual form. Some gardeners complain about wood lice, because they eat parts of cultivated and agricultural plants. But, these creatures have positive qualities: they absorb weeds with the same zeal.

Woodlice - a suborder of higher crayfish.

If wood lice feel danger, it instantly curls into a ball, closing the abdominal part “inside the ball”.

What is known about the reproduction of woodlice

This process in small crustaceans is quite complicated. Before a new generation leaves the female, she passes through molting and only then, already in the “updated” form, does her maternal duty. Then, after the small crustaceans have developed and left the mother, she again returns to the look “before pregnancy”.

Woodlifters often settle in bathrooms or cellars of private houses.

Mokrits cannot be called centenarians among insects. The average individual of this crustacean survives up to 9-12 months.

How to get rid of wood lice?

Actually, there is no harm from wood lice, except that they can spread the fungus and lichen around the apartment. But this is not a very pleasant prospect. So, are there any means to expel wood lice from the house? The answer is yes.

To get rid of wood lice in the bathroom, you need to make the room light and dry, and regularly disinfect it.

When cleaning the bathroom, use products containing chlorine, thoroughly wipe all corners and baseboards. Dry the bathroom more often: remember - woodlice need moisture, i.e. in a dry room they will feel uncomfortable and will quickly leave your home.

In addition to these simple methods, you can buy a special tool, such as "Gett" or "Mole". Do not forget to strictly follow the instructions when using these products, so as not to harm your health!

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