Ink Lake: The Enigma of Algeria

But did you know that in Algeria there is a unique lake, filled not with water, but with real ink?

Ink lake is a real disastrous place for plants and animals, it is worth noting that it is not the only one of its kind.

Ink Lake in Algeria.

There is a similar "cemetery" for animals in Tanzania, hidden in a pond called Natron.

Let us return to the ink lake. If you think that the water in the lake has acquired an unusual, one might even say unnatural, color due to some kind of technological accident, then you are mistaken.

Mixing two rivers gives amazing properties to the water of Ink Lake.

The natural phenomenon of the ink lake is explained by the fact that two rivers flow into it, the water of one of which is unusually rich in iron salts. Another river is saturated with various organic compounds that enter its waters from peat bogs.

As a result, mixing in the ink lake, which, by the way, is called Sidi Moame Benali in the local dialect, the water flows of the two rivers enter into chemical reactions. In this way, an inky liquid, caustic and destructive for all living things, is formed.

The lake has incredible ink supplies.

No wonder there are no animals or plants in the lake! However, as local residents assure, such water can be safely written on paper. Bathing in the waters of Sidi Moama Benali is also not allowed, because the ink is very eaten into the skin and poorly washed off, and indeed - they harm human health.

Legends of locals

It is not at all surprising that mysterious legend composed by locals has long been walking around this blue lake. For example, according to one of them, the lake, which is also called Devil's, arose at a time when various evil spirits walked through the lands of Algeria. Evil spirits pitted people, lured them to commit bad deeds.

Many secrets and legends are associated with the emergence of the lake.

In order to take possession of the souls of sinners, Satan himself had to sign a certain “purchase of a soul” agreement, but for this he needed not simple ink, but special ones, capable of sucking everything out of a fallen person to the last drop. There were more and more people who succumbed to the devil, and there was no longer enough ink. Then the Unclean figured out that it is possible to turn the water in a nearby lake into the very ink.

Since then, there is a belief that everyone who steps a foot into the waters of the Ink Lake will lose their health and will be forever cursed.

A creepy story, isn't it? But she put a solid barrier between the locals and the waters of Sidi Moame Benali. None of them ever dare to approach the sinister lake so far.

The name of the lake in the local language is Sidi Moame Benali.

Modern civilization, accustomed to take advantage even of terrible tales, did not disregard the Ink Lake. From here, a huge amount of "ink" is extracted for the manufacture of pens, paints for drawing, as well as creating souvenir products.

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