Paraguayan anaconda, or yellow anaconda

One of the four species of anacondas living on Earth is the Paraguayan anaconda. Another name for this species is the yellow anaconda.

These reptiles are endemic to South America. They live in Northern Argentina, Paraguay and on the territory of Bolivia.

Representatives of this species are very large, although they are inferior in size to the green (or ordinary) anaconda. Adults of the Paraguayan anaconda reach a length of 3.3 to 4.4 meters. The mass of these giants is up to 35 kilograms, although there were samples whose weight reached 55 kilograms. Females of this species are larger than males.

Paraguayan Anaconda (Eunectes notaeus).

The color of the Paraguayan anaconda corresponds to its second name - yellow. Indeed, the color of her scales varies from yellow to a greenish-yellow hue, there are individuals painted in golden brown.

The color of this anaconda corresponds to its name - yellow.

The life of the yellow anaconda is closely connected with water, it settles in swamps, overgrown banks of streams and slow streams, although it gives preference, nevertheless, to closed reservoirs. It can often fall in love with areas of flooding. By the method of nutrition, the yellow anaconda, like all representatives of the anaconda genus, is a predator. These reptiles feed on everything from small aquatic creatures to poultry. So, the menu of the Paraguayan anaconda includes: fish, turtles, small caimans (South American crocodiles), lizards, small mammals, bird eggs. Hunts yellow anaconda, often in shallow water.

The yellow anaconda is a solitary predator.

In the way of life, Paraguayan anacondas are single. These reptiles form pairs only in the mating season. And this period begins from April to May. Females attract partners by releasing special pheromones into the air (although scientists still argue about this, believing that tracing may be a special secret to lubricating the track). Catching this attractive aroma, the males of the Paraguayan anaconda begin to courtship for their future partner.

Paraguayan anacondas are residents of South America.

Mating games take place, for the most part, in the aquatic environment. Forming small "marriage groups" consisting of one female and several males, the yellow anacondas begin a kind of competition, the main prize in which will be the right to mate with the female. Such "games" last almost a month. The winner is the most persistent of all male competitors. Interestingly, the largest males can afford to fertilize several females in one season.

The yellow anaconda is gigantic.

It is no wonder that yellow anacondas have enough forces for such rituals only once, therefore they also reproduce - once a year. The pregnancy of a female Paraguayan anaconda lasts 6 months. Like all anacondas, the Paraguayan species is ovoviviparous. This means that the female carries eggs inside herself, and does not lay them. Therefore, small cubs, and they can be from 6 to 40 (!) In the yellow anaconda, are born in the form of newborn serpents.

The young generation reaches puberty in 3-4 years after birth. The life expectancy of the yellow anaconda in the wild is 15-20 years. In captivity, these giant reptiles lived to be 23 years old.

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