Shovel ordinary. All about unusual fish

Shovel - a fish that lives in rivers, the Latin name is Scaphirhynchus platorhynchus. It has dimensions from 60 to 90 cm, sometimes up to 130 cm in length and weighs 2-3 kg, in some cases up to 4.4 kg. Common Shovel (Scaphirhynchus platorynchus). A characteristic feature of this fish is the presence of a long flattened tail stalk, which is covered with bone plates resembling a shell.

Danio leopard

Danio leopard (Latin Danio rerio sp.) Is a color variation of danio rerio, derived artificially. Unlike rerio, the leopard is covered with dots, not stripes and a little different in color. The veil form, that is, the leopard zebrafish with long, veil fins, is also common. But, whatever form you would choose for yourself, in content it is one and the same fish: simple, unpretentious, interesting in behavior.

Summit food for dogs

The concept of RETSUREAN is based on the use of exclusively fresh meat and natural agricultural products, therefore Summit Holistics full-feed feeds successfully combine all the nutritional value necessary for any pet and excellent taste. What class does Korma Summit Holistic belong to? The category of high-quality rations of super-premium class from a well-established Canadian manufacturer.

Tibetan Terrier

Holy dogs of Tibet - this is the name of the ancestors of the breed, known today as the Tibetan Terrier. Dogs lived at Buddhist temples and were under the special protection of monks. The history of the breed In the homeland of friendly and sociable dogs called "little people", referring to them as friends or children.

Rainbow Boa or Aboma

Rainbow boa is known to many fans of tropical exotics as aboma. Epicrates cenchria is a non-venomous snake belonging to the genus of smooth-lipped boas and the family of paw-legged. Appearance and description of the rainbow boa Rainbow boas are the only continental snakes and belong to the large genus Epicrates.